Karma Metal Free system

Their fusion vs. our fusion

Screw Free and Metal Free Spine Surgery

Say yes to a screw-free life! Oklahoma Spine and Neurosurgery is the only practice to offer a new screw-free and metal-free fusion technology to Lawton, OK.
Dr. Steven Zielinski was the first surgeon in the country to use this technology to complete a staged 360 lumbar fusion procedure. The procedure consisted of a minimally invasive anterior lumbar interbody fusion and a posterior lumbar fusion with decompression. All instrumentation consisted of bio-compatible polymer. No metal or screws were used. Dr. Zielinski was also the first in the country to remove screws in a patient and replace them with this screw-free fusion technology.
For the first time in history, patients can reap the benefits of a traditional metal screw and rod system without the negatives that typically accompany having a lifetime of metal hardware implanted into the spine. Based on the remarkably positive patient outcomes with these surgeries, Dr. Zielinski is hopeful that in the near future, it may be possible to correct scoliosis deformities with this new technology. The future of spine care is here and, Oklahomans can access it at Oklahoma Spine & Neurosurgery.
If you have back pain or numbness, tingling, or weakness to the legs, you could be a candidate for this new technology. Do you already have painful screws in your back and would like to live a screw-free life? Contact us to find out if this option is right for you.